• Prem Kumari (Haymarhlamyint), Yangon, Myanmar

  • Mr.Bajrangbali, Yangon, Myanmar

  • Mr.AhouDhei, Nigeria

  • Linda Cole, Lagos, Nigeria

    My son required ophthalmic surgery so we connected with Heal & Wheel. This was with family and was surprised to see that the doctors didn’t do any operation and we were given medicines for healing as the doctors mentioned surgery wasn’t required. Thanks Rajat for choosing the right hospital for us and making arrangements. God bless you guys! Heal & Wheel.

  • Grace Park, Adis Ababa, Ethiopia

    I needed a cardiac surgery done and was looking to connect with the right hospital in India. Heal & Wheel Asia had given options of one of the best hospitals and negotiated cost on behalf of us. They took proper care throughout. Right from fixing appointments till operations. I am glad to be part of Heal & Wheel's extended family. A week of relaxation in Kerala Backwaters was a rejuvenating experience after such a critical surgery.

  • Barry Sanchez, Dubai

    My friend advised me for medical treatment in India. Never knew Indian hospitals could provide such quality medical services at such low a cost. I needed elbow replacement to be done and came down to India for treatment and Heal & Wheel Team was there with my journey from day one to the end. A vote for you Rajat.

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