Process Flow

  • Visit thoroughly

    You can send us an email / you can call us for any information. Your queries are most welcomed; as it will help you in better understanding of our services.

  • Find out more information

    You can send us your questions asking for more information / clarification. You can for sure expect a prompt reply from us.

  • Patient Registration

    You can register as a patient ( ) for free.

  • Medical Data & Reports

    You will be then requested to submit medical reports and related data. We shall let you know our requirement after preliminary consultation with our empanelled doctor.

  • Interpretation of your medical reports and data

    Our empanelled doctor will review & interpret your medical report and data. You will be guided and advised by expert opinion of best doctors.

  • Patient's Case shall be discussed with our affiliated hospitals

    We will discuss the referred case with our affiliated hospitals or with any hospital of your preference.

  • Online consultation with our empanelled doctors

    You can finalize from the list of physicians / hospitals. More than 1 hospital can be finalized. Video conferencing shall be scheduled with doctors who will provide interpretation of your case and how it can be resolved.

  • Decision Making

    You can deposit the money once you are satisfied with all your queries, and have discussed alternate options for treatment(s), the risks has been understood along with the benefits & the procedure involved.

    With The Heal Wheel Asia you have various options for payments like you can make the payment directly to hospitals or through us. Highest order of transparency shall be maintained.

  • Your Travel Itinerary

    We shall submit itinerary for your review and finalization after confirming the procedure(s), consulting our doctors, hospitals & accommodation with you

  • Important Pretravel Information

    Before coming to India we shall provide you with comprehensive information about the place you will be traveling to. Mail shall be shared with you on how to carefully plan and execute your medical trip.

  • You Arrival to India

    You shall be personally welcomed by us at the airport and will take you to the place of your accommodation, followed by visit to doctor / hospital. We will provide you with required connectivity like SIM, etc.

  • Consultation with our doctor

    After your arrival, you will be taken our representatives for appointment with your surgeon. Here you shall for first time meet your doctor and our team. Our doctor may ask for further test & diagnosis for reviewing.

    Note: If for any medical reasons our surgeon feels that the surgery shouldn't proceed as per schedule, or if you decide not move ahead with surgery, your pre scheduled surgery will stand cancelled.

  • Treatment

    We will regularly update your family and relatives through our medical bulletin.

  • Travel / Rejuvenation

    Based on your preference and with consent from your doctor we shall provide options for travel and rejuvenation.

  • Return Back Home

    We will regularly follow up your treatment & recovery after you return home.

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