What is Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to the process of travelling to another country for the very purpose of getting better medical treatment in a cost effective manner. The patients who need surgical and other treatments travel to another country where it becomes cheaper for them to get the same treatment. This process is being facilitated by the corporate sector involved in medical care as well as the tourism industry - both private and public. Along with the treatment they can also tour and visit the places of interest in that particular country. Availability of medical experts, improved flight and communication services, high costs of treatment in industrialized nations, favorable currency exchange rates in the global economy, no waiting period for treatment and availability of advanced equipments have all led to an increase in the rise of medical tourism. Medical Tourism is majorly being used for cosmetic dental and plastic surgery. However in the recent days, foreigners are also flocking for other specialized treatments like knee and hip replacements, cardiac procedures and neurosurgery. More and more people are traveling abroad to avail top quality health services at low cost under the team of qualified and professional doctors.

Medical Tourism in India

You could not have chosen a better place than India for getting a number of treatments done. India is surely one of the most preferred destinations for any kind of medical treatment. Thousands of visitors travel to India each year for getting their medical treatments and surgeries done. In the present date, India is one of the most sought after destination for medical tourism and is giving a tough competition to Thailand. Getting treated in India brings down the cost by 30% compared any country in South East Asia. With its low cost treatment and health facilities, efficient doctors, continuous and path breaking innovation in the quality of machines used, medical tourism in India is emerging as a big opportunity. The medical tourism market in India is expected to grow phenomenally. Cardiac Surgery, Bone marrow transplant, Liver transplant, Orthopedic surgery, Coronary Bypass, Cosmetic Surgery, Valve replacements are some of the common cases where people choose India for the treatment. Another reason why India is getting popular is the extensive Indian traditional treatments like Ayurvedic therapies which combine modern treatments and medicine with traditional experience and herbs.

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