Why India

  • Cheapest medical treatment given high quality treatment. Thailand & Singapore approximately twice as expensive for most medical treatment. USA & Europe almost 4 - 5 times more expensive for the same.
  • Highly experienced and specialized doctors with successful track records with a personal touch.
  • Best of international standards medical facililities at hospitals.
  • Nurses are amongst the highly trained with caring nature.
  • Highly personalized care with more nurse per patient at Indian hospitals.
  • Many tailor-made services for patients and family like personalize cuisine and dedicated staff.
  • Low cost of living for pre / post surgery for patient and its family.
  • Indian government supports medical travel to India, making easy compliance for Visa, viz. Visa on Arrival and other traveling procedures.

Indian Health Care System

Indian healthcare system is acknowledged today as one of the most trusted healthcare system worldwide. It is known today for its high quality and world class medical facilities with state of art hospitals with latest technologies to diagnose and cure the most critical diseases, but most importantly it boasts of highly qualified, competent and professional doctors with huge success records. India has an ever increasing number of JCI accredited (JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION STANDARD) hospitals. Stringent quality assurance exercised in private hospitals ensures reliable and high quality surgical results. Specialized medical procedures make Indian doctors and medical facilities and amenities, at par with International standards. As a result of the above, approximately 8,50,000 patients travel annually for a wide range of medical procedures at very low price.

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