• What kind of medical treatments are available in India?

    Although every kind of treatment is available in India, most overseas patients prefer India for cancer diagnosis and treatment, cardiovascular surgery (bypass grafting, valve replacement), orthopedic surgeries (hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal works, etc.), fertility and in- vitro fertilization procedures, dental care, cosmetic or restorative surgery and weight loss surgeries. They often choose Indian option for procedures which generally are not permitted in many countries such as bone marrow transplant, stem cell therapies, etc.

  • Why should I go abroad for medical care?

    The reasons may vary from country to country and could range from high cost of medical treatment to long waiting list in developed countries to non-availability of quality medical care in lesser developed countries. Though various other options are available to choose from “The Indian option” is certainly worth considering.

  • How safe is my information that I enter into your website?

    The information that is entered on our website is fully secure. The site is username & password protected for each member and your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent.

  • Can a trip for medical treatment be combined with Rejuvenation activities?

    It depends on the type of treatment you are undergoing here and how much time you have & depends on how comfortable you feel overlapping rejuvenation traveling with the medical trip. With Heal Wheel Asia you can select the option of enjoying medical care with recuperation activities.

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