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India has been slowly but steadily gaining stature as one of the most preferred location for medical tourism. Significant cost differences exist between India and United Kingdom (UK), USA and other developed countries around the world, at the same time the quality of medical treatment is definitely another determining factor. India not only provides highly affordable medical treatment but also provides high quality medical services with world class infrastructure which is at par with any advanced countries. As a matter of fact, the success rates of some reputed hospitals in India are better far better than their counterparts in USA / UK. In India there is no wait time for any critical medical services / treatments. With rapid rise of the private hospital and clinics with the state of art technology and best practitioners, make it easy to find a suitable hospital for proper treatment of any disease.
To give you an approximate idea of the amount of cost savings you can expect by selecting India as your destination, we have here listed few cost comparison for few popular surgical procedures. There is no fixed all inclusive price offers as surgery & hospital costs shall vary from individual to individual based on a variety of medical condition. The procedures mentioned below are just to show the price advantage across few specialties. In case the procedure you need is not shown below, you can send us an email and we shall get back to you with required details.

Cost comparison with other countries for few treatments **

All figures in US Dollars ($)
Procedure USA U.K Singapore Thailand India
Knee Replacement Single(Including Implant) $18600 $16000 $15000 $12600 $6000
Spine Fusion $26500 $22000 $19680 $17500 $8200
Kidney Transplant $41000 $37000 $32500 $27500 $12500
CABG (Cardiac) $24000 $21000 $19500 $18000 $7500
Hip replacement Single (Including Implant) $20800 $18000 $16900 $14000 $6500
** Approximate figures, exact cost can be ascertain on submission of medical reports

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